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Senior Physics Lab (PHYS450)

Fundamentals of Semiconductor Nanoscience (PHYS560)




Electrical and Optical properties of Semiconductors (PHYS691) – Spring 2006 and Fall 2013

Senior Physics Lab (PHYS450)                                                    – from Spring 2011

Science, Technology, Society for Honors (PHYS215)                – from Spring 2011 to Fall 2017

University Physics I (PHYS207)                                                  – from Fall 2008 to Fall 2010

Modern Physics (PHYS320)                                                        – from Fall 2004 to Spring 2008

Modern Physics Lab (PHYZ320)                                                 – from Fall 2006 to Fall 2007

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Dr. Michael A. Reshchikov


Professor,     Physics Department

Virginia Commonwealth University

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